Place Power Port Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script to place the power port on SCH.
If the first character such as -5V or -12V is negative in the VCC system,
the orientation will be 180 degrees.
Also, lowercase letters are converted to uppercase letters.


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Universal chip inductor footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Until now, I created chip inductor footprints by manufacturer.
Since it is not possible to cope with it,
I made it possible to create a universal type.
Delete unnecessary ones afterwards Please use it.


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4-pin(6-pin) component footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Since there are many 4-pin parts, the footprint can be created with a script.
THD is also supported.
In that case(THD), "Pad-Y" changes to "Hole(Size)".

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PnP Gen. Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script that outputs a Pnp file.
It is possible to generate without depending on the version of Altium Designer.
(This script does not work on Summer09.)


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Microstrip line cutout script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Altium microstrip line cutout rate article in
I created a Delphi script using mathematical formulas.

Cr:Chamfer Rate
Cr = 52 + 65 * e (-1.35 * W/h)

This article is also helpful.


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過去の記事 [Blog(J)]



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