Res. of VIA Part.2 [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

The menu of this article introduced previously has been modified.

Added the function to calculate the safe current.


Here is the source of the formula.

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Place STEP file on PCBDOC [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

At our company, the STEP file is put on PCBDOC by the following method.
All processes are supported by our own program.

1. From PCBDOC to “Make Library”, make a dedicated PCBLIB.
2. Extract the main part of * .REP created by Altium Reports> Library List as a search list.
3. Search for STEP files corresponding to those files from your computer.
4. Collect the STEP files in one place.
5. Execute "Step Placer" which is a Delphi script and paste it automatically.
6. Update PCBDOC with the dedicated PCBLIB where the STEP file is pasted.


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Create footprints in a short time [Sales(E/J)]

The catalog of scripts introduced previously has been completed.

The contents of the catalog are written in Japanese.
Please understand the menu images in the catalog.
The selling price of this software is $ 1000.


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Sell 3D parts in STEP format [Sales(E/J)]

We sell STEP (AP214) files for use with Altium Designer.
An original file in SOLIDWORKS2013 format is also attached.

The number of parts recorded in this is about 2500.

1.Mechanism-related parts.
2.General-purpose packages such as SSOP, DIP, QFP.
3.Specific parts such as 74SOP, 74DIP, CPU, PLD, AVR, TR, RL, R_VR, C_VC, XTAL.

The selling price for DVD-R media is $ 400.
Please contact us by E-mail.

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SOP footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script with shapes separated by menu.
(Only 3 to 6 pins are supported.)
This makes it possible to make detailed settings.

In the case of 3-pin silk, it is possible to make it
convex instead of surrounding it with a rectangle.


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