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SOT3_6 Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This article details the previous script.
Since this PDF is Japanese, I will explain it in English.

3rd, from C.SOP3-6P_DW.
One example is the silk shape of each company.
This script will generate a footprint if you enter each dimension.
This script creates a SOT3-6P footprint.
The lead wire pitch is also preset.



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Chip diode script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This article details the previous script.
Since this PDF is Japanese, I will explain it in English.

2nd, from B.Diode.
One example is the silk shape of each company.
This script will generate a footprint if you enter each dimension.
In this script, it is classified by the shape of the diode lead wire.



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Chip LCR Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This article details the previous script.
Since this PDF is Japanese, I will explain it in English.

First, from A.LCR.
One example is the silk shape of each company.
This script will generate a footprint if you enter each dimension.
However, customization will be made in advance for each customer.



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Res. of VIA Part.2 [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

The menu of this article introduced previously has been modified.

Added the function to calculate the safe current.


Here is the source of the formula.

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Place STEP file on PCBDOC [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

At our company, the STEP file is put on PCBDOC by the following method.
All processes are supported by our own program.

1. From PCBDOC to “Make Library”, make a dedicated PCBLIB.
2. Extract the main part of * .REP created by Altium Reports> Library List as a search list.
3. Search for STEP files corresponding to those files from your computer.
4. Collect the STEP files in one place.
5. Execute "Step Placer" which is a Delphi script and paste it automatically.
6. Update PCBDOC with the dedicated PCBLIB where the STEP file is pasted.


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SOP footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script with shapes separated by menu.
(Only 3 to 6 pins are supported.)
This makes it possible to make detailed settings.

In the case of 3-pin silk, it is possible to make it
convex instead of surrounding it with a rectangle.


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Footprint name from PCBLIB [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This is a script that extracts the FootPrint name from a single PCBLIB.
Open the PCBLIB file you want to check before running the script.
The result is a * .CSV file.

Procedure FootFind;
CurrentLib : IPCB_Library;
FootprintIterator : IPCB_LibraryIterator;
Footprint : IPCB_LibComponent;
FootprintList : TStringList;
ReportDocument : IServerDocument;
Filename : TString;
S : TString;
I : Integer;
CurrentLib := PCBServer.GetCurrentPCBLibrary;
If CurrentLib = Nil Then
ShowMessage(' It is not Current PCB Library ! ');
Exit ;
Filename := ExtractFilePath(CurrentLib.Board.FileName) + 'PCBLib_Report.csv';
S := '';
FootprintList := TStringList.Create;

FootprintIterator := CurrentLib.LibraryIterator_Create;
Footprint := FootprintIterator.FirstPCBObject;
While Footprint <> Nil Do
// Determine which units are in use
If CurrentLib.Board.DisplayUnit = eMetric Then
S :=
S := ;

Footprint := FootprintIterator.NextPCBObject;


//Display and save report
ReportDocument := Client.OpenDocument('Text', FileName);
If ReportDocument <> Nil Then


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Stray capacitance around high-speed OPAMP [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

It seems that there is a case where the characteristics do not appear
due to the effect of solid GND in high-speed OPAMP.

A customer has been told to leave a solid ground of 1mm from the pad
of the input part on the component side and solder side.
This seems to be due to the effect of stray capacitance.

I created a script to calculate the capacitance between conductors.


When calculated, it was a safe value more than one digit.


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Pad outline [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script that places a pad outline rectangle when creating
a footprint.
Such contour lines are advantageous in dimensional drawings.

However, only rotations of 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees are supported.
The pad is not a through pad, only the Top layer.


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Script to place mounting holes [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This was made by improving the script for placing pads.
It is possible to place a circle and a cross in the center of the pad.

If the hole diameter of the pad is specified, the double is processed
as the pad diameter.
The pad name is “MNT”.
This pad name can be specified by a query when injecting polygons.

Place_PAD script3.jpg

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Fix footprint collection script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This reports a list of footprints by specifying a parent folder
with multiple PCBLIBs.

For Summer09


For AD14 or higher
Since the component "XPDirectoryEdit" is old, I modified that part.


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VIA spacing at high frequencies [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This calculates the proper distance to strike VIA on solid ground.
Calculated from the wavelength of the frequency being used.
(From overseas literature : P = wavelength / 20)


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Thickness during cross-hatching [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

If cross-hatching is used, the capacitance decreases.

This will cause an error when calculating the width
of the microstrip line.
Calculate the target Zmesh by calculating this back.
Enter this Zmesh instead of Z and recalculate with the script
introduced earlier.
(Used strip1)


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Pad placement script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a basic script that places a pad.
This is to cope with the case where it cannot be processed by other scripts.


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Transmission line delay time [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

This was ported as a Delphi script from EXCEL.
This script simply calculates from the difference in length between
the two tracks.

The effective dielectric constant value of the substrate material is preset.

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Place Power Port Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script to place the power port on SCH.
If the first character such as -5V or -12V is negative in the VCC system,
the orientation will be 180 degrees.
Also, lowercase letters are converted to uppercase letters.


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Universal chip inductor footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Until now, I created chip inductor footprints by manufacturer.
Since it is not possible to cope with it,
I made it possible to create a universal type.
Delete unnecessary ones afterwards Please use it.


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4-pin(6-pin) component footprint [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Since there are many 4-pin parts, the footprint can be created with a script.
THD is also supported.
In that case(THD), "Pad-Y" changes to "Hole(Size)".

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PnP Gen. Script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

I created a script that outputs a Pnp file.
It is possible to generate without depending on the version of Altium Designer.
(This script does not work on Summer09.)


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Microstrip line cutout script [Altium Delphi (E/J)]

Altium microstrip line cutout rate article in
I created a Delphi script using mathematical formulas.

Cr:Chamfer Rate
Cr = 52 + 65 * e (-1.35 * W/h)

This article is also helpful.


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